The visual way to get more out of your
SAP system

Build your SAP ECC or S/4 Roadmap visually
and fall in love with SAP again.

The visual way to get more out of your
 <span class="f_700">SAP</span> system
Visualise SAP Org Structure

Visualize your Enterprise with

Map out your organisation with OrgGraph and plan your technology roadmap and business process improvements in a way that's meaningful to you.

Visually describe your divisions, geographies, business processes, applications, data objects, and projects in a multi-level network diagram.

S4 HANA Business Case

Benefit from S/4Sight

Visualize the whole of SAP ECC alongside the new features and functionality in every release of S/4 HANA, and explore what’s possible with your SAP investment.

Import your ST03N transaction logs to visualize your own SAP solution usage, before overlaying new S/4HANA features, technical changes and Fiori apps


Visualize your Enterprise

Visualize your Enterprise

Explore SAP features in ECC and S/4HANA linked to your existing SAP usage.

Identify the features that will drive your S/4 Business Case and delivery value from your existing ECC investment without relying on expensive Systems Integrators.


Map out your organization and link your SAP roadmap to your business context.

Clever Import

Import SAP transaction history and visualize which components of SAP you use (and don’t use) today.

What’s New in S/4

Explore what’s new, changed and deleted in every release of S/4 HANA in visual way.

S/4 Fiori Apps

Visualize every S/4 and ECC Fiori App alongside your SAP usage map.

Simplification Items

Reduce SAP’s 900 page Simplification Catalog to a single visualization that’s relevant to you.

What's in R/3 & ECC

Visualize the whole SAP Application Hierarchy and explore available SAP features you’re not using.

Visualise APQC Model

Get Ahead with the
APQC Process Model

Visualize the APQC processes framework alongside more than 2,500 best practice KPIs and align with industry standards and benchmarks.

Quickly establish the critical metrics that drive business process performance, improve your analytics and support your business case for technology investments.

Create a Living SAP Blueprint

Use FusionGraph Seed to capture requirements, ideas and workarounds in a hyper-connected, visual way.

Capture all of the information required to improve your ERP platforms and business processes, linked back to your OrgGraph.


Link to real
Best Practice

Link to real
Best Practice

Access Industry standard business process with benchmarked metrics.

Create a living ERP Blueprint that drives real benefit from your ERP investment.

APQC Processes

Visually explore the APQC Business Process Framework and align with industry best practice.


Visualize 2,500+ KPIs alongside the SAP functionality needed to improve performance.

Sowing Seeds

Capture requirements, ideas, issues and workarounds linked back to your OrgGraph.

Clever Query

Visualize everything
sliced and diced by anything, then export instantly to Excel, CSV or PDF.

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