FusionGraph for APQC


Base your transformation plans on the APQC best practice business process framework



FusionGraph for APQC fast tracks business transformation.

Accelerate your business process scoping and operating model design using proven industry frameworks.




Visualise Open Source APQC Process Classification Frameworks to accelerate your business transformation plan.

Best Practice Processes


Access 19 industry specific business process frameworks to simplify, standardise and accelerate.

In-built KPIs


Explore 2,600+ industry standard KPIs to accelerate analytics design, benefit tracking and process optimization.

Transformation standing on the shoulders of giants.


Accelerate business processes standardisation using proven best practice. Reduce consulting spend on process definition with a quick-start APQC process baseline


Put business process best practice at the heart of your digital transformation

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Visualize the people, processes and technology that make your enterprise unique


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You hear People, Processes, Technology and Data all of the time. But for decades there's been no way to describe these things and their interdependencies. FusionGraph solves this problem.
Stuart Browne
Transformation Expert
FusionGraph provides a way for IT teams to collaborate with business process owners in order to map out the business case, assess the organisational impact and measure the benefits of digital transformation.
Dr Derek Prior
Former Gartner Analyst