FusionGraph for SAP


Transform the way you plan your S/4HANA enabled transformation programme.



FusionGraph for SAP is built for S/4HANA transformation.

Educate your team on new S/4HANA functionality, visualize your SAP roadmap and build a compelling S/4HANA business case.




What's included in FusionGraph for SAP?

  • Visual SAP Application Hierarchy
  • New functionality in every version of S/4HANA and recent releases of ECC
  • S/4HANA Simplification Catalogue by S/4 version
  • Fiori Apps Catalogue for S/4HANA by S/4 version
  • SAP Transaction Library
  • SAP Transaction to Fiori App mapping
  • S/4HANA Scope Items
  • S/4HANA Roles Catalogue
  • Roles to Fiori mapping

S/4 Migration Ready


Visualize what's new and different in S/4HANA alongside your current usage of SAP ECC.

SAP Integrations


Import SAP usage to identify new functionality, Fioiri Apps and Simplification Items.

S/4 Business Case


Build your S/4 business case by exploring and curating specific S/4HANA functionality.

Supercharge your S/4HANA transformation.


FusionGraph for SAP enables you to build a detailed S/4HANA roadmap that links what matters most in your enterprise with what's new and different in S/4HANA.

It's the fastest way to plan your S/4HANA transformation.


Build a living roadmap for S/4HANA or ECC

See FusionGraph in action

Visualize the people, processes and technology that make your enterprise unique


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FusionGraph lets us see, by business area, what functionality is available so that we can plan our S/4 journey in detail.
Julian Rawlinson
S/4HANA Architect
It's simply the fastest and most comprehensive way to build a business case or roadmap if you're implementing S/4HANA.
Nick Coburn
Consulting Director