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Deliver your business strategy with S/4HANA

Visualize what's new and different in every SAP release so you can build your business case

Build your S/4HANA business case


With FusionGraph you can discover, visualize and log new S/4HANA functionality that will enable your business strategy.

This helps you to build a strong business case for S/4HANA - one that will win the support of IT, the business, and the board of directors.


Create your S/4HANA migration roadmap


In FusionGraph you can model your business processes and technology in as-is and future states to understand how S/4HANA will deliver your business strategy and the journey to get there.

Visualize your project plans and teams so you have all the information relevant to create your S/4HANA roadmap in one place.





Understand what's new, different and changed in S/4HANA


FusionGraph includes functional, technical and roadmap data for every release of S/4HANA.

You can use this to visually compare what's different between your current system usage and the latest versions of S/4HANA.

You'll have direct access to documentation and resources available from SAP in order to assess and curate the changes into your roadmap

Identify which Fiori apps you could use


With Millennials and Gen Z making up an increasingly large segment of your workforce, it's vital you provide the latest and greatest user experience.

FusionGraph will help you identify the Fiori Apps you could be benefitting from today, as well as those which can feature in your future S/4HANA business case and roadmap.


Use APQC to help you define a best practice business process catalogue and KPIs


Without a Business Process Master List it's hard to build a business case.

FusionGraph includes APQC best practice business process frameworks so you can quickly define and build your business processes and start on your S/4HANA journey.

And, APQC best practice KPIs will help you demonstrate the value of your S/4 move.


See FusionGraph in action

Visualize what's new, changed and different in SAP S/4HANA and build your business case.


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