What is FusionGraph?


Transformation Transformed

Power your digital transformation with next-gen graph database technology

First, what's graph data?


A graph database is a completely new way of storing and visualizing data and has been pioneered by companies like NASA, Google, Facebook and Amazon.

It's different to traditional database technology because it doesn't store data in tables.  Instead, it records individual items and the relationships between them, meaning you can model complex structures simply.

Data stored in a knowledge graph is incredibly powerful - and it's why graph databases underpin new tech fields like AI and Machine Learning.







How does graph data help my Digital Transformation?


Graph databases enable you to model complex relationships between many different things.

Transformation programmes have hundreds of moving parts and thousands of interdependencies -  business processes, systems, partners, waves, geographies, business units and data sources.

That's why we created FusionGraph - to enable enterprises like yours to simplify the complexity that makes transformation so difficult.

Transformation Transformed

FusionGraph is the only platform designed to visualize, simplify and accelerate technology enabled business transformation.

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Built on 25 years of hurt.


FusionGraph is the brainchild of leading independent ERP consultancy, Resulting IT.

Our team has spent 25 painful years watching businesses try to improve, re-engineer or transform with mixed results. 

You see, it’s impossible to transform if you can't explain what’s in place today, or articulate what will be there in the future.

Enterprises fail to transform because they can't describe today’s complexity so that the business of transformation can actually happen.

FusionGraph is the tool we wish we'd had 25 years ago.  







25 years in the making


FusionGraph is the brainchild of Resulting IT - the UKs leading independent SAP consultancy.

Our team has spent 25 years watching businesses attempt to improve, re-engineer or transform with mixed results. Often, transformation is anchored by a large ERP programme which turns out to be more disruptive than transformative.

Trouble is, it’s impossible to transform if you don’t really know what’s in place today. And, on large transformation programmes there tends to be a void of crucial information.

All of this information often exists across the business - in the heads of dozens or hundreds of people. But business don’t have a way to capture and describe today’s complexity so that transformation can actually happen.

FusionGraph finally puts all that information in one place, for everyone to see. It's the tool we always wish we'd had.



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