A single connected view of your transformation portfolio & digital roadmap


 Knowledge Graph

PlanGraph visualizes your transformation activity.

It's where you link the things you're doing to the things that matter across your enterprise.

Portfolio Transparency


See all of your business and IT initiatives in one place for a central view of transformation.

Transformation Roadmap


Build visual roadmaps to support transformation activity including links to leading ERP solutions and best practice.

Impact Assessment


See the impact of actions on business process, technology and strategy, relate them back to the pains they address.

See plans, initiatives, roadmaps, sprints and actions in one place.


PlanGraph enables you to build dynamic transformation roadmaps that describe the full impact of your plans visually and dynmaically so that you inform and engage the stakeholders that matter.


Impact assessment on a whole new level...

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Visualize the people, processes and technology that make your enterprise unique


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Business Transformations fail because they try to improve the as-is without clearly defining what as-is actually is. FusionGraph is so powerful in capturing the way an enterprise operates as a basis for transformation.
Stuart Browne
Transformation Expert
Every Powerpoint of Visio in your business is built using meaningless shapes and boxes. FusionGraph visualizes using always-up-to-date knowledge about your processes, technology and projects.
Avtar Davatwal
Transformation Programme Manager