visualize the people, processes and technology that make your enterprise unique


 Knowledge Graph

OrgGraph is your digital twin.

It's where you describe the things that make you unique, and how everything interconnects. 

Digital Twin


Model business process and technology complexity and create a foundation for digital transformation.

Dynamic Visualization


Replace out-of-date PowerPoints, Visio and PDFs with knowledge driven dynamic visualization that's always up-to-date.

Business & Technology


Connect business context with your technology landscape to create a solid platform for digital transformation.

Get everyone on the same digital page


Ditch out-of-date diagrams of IT interfaces, stop relying on experts to explain how stuff hangs together, don't guess which business processes are critical, or which data has security implications.


Finally, see what makes your enterprise tick...

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Visualize the people, processes and technology that make your enterprise unique


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FusionGraph has given me the ability to view the entire organisation structure in one simple view
Robbie Griffiths
ERP Project Manager
Being able to visually represent your organisation, its systems, interfaces and processes is an incredibly powerful accelerator for any business transformation project
Alex Stuart
Solution Architect